As my readers are probably aware, I am definitely a programmer first, and a graphic designer second (or perhaps third or fourth).

However, in working on clients websites, I often find myself needing to pull up Photoshop or Fireworks (my tools of choice) and do some work on graphics, or perhaps spend an hour or two on a CSS file getting formatting adjusted.

Because of that, I was interested in a post by Elite by Design I found in my RSS reader this morning with links to 22 different free icon packs.

I’m always looking for shortcuts in web site development (clients generally like to see work done both fast and well), and using different free libraries such as the jQuery Javascript library or these icon packs are a very efficient way to cut development time, while actually increasing the quality of the end product.

Anyway, check them out! (update: link is dead now, unfortunately)

Nathan Malone

P.S. I am currently able to accept a limited number of additional clients for my PHP Development services. Interested in discussing the possibility of my handling your project for you? Contact me!

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