Today, I’m going to take a look a look at one of my favorite DNS management tools:

Most websites can simply use the default DNS / nameserver management that their domain registrar / hosting provider offers. However, for some websites where reliability and speed are crucial, a better solution is called for. In those cases, I almost always recommend Nettica as a high-performance alternative.

Although they offer other DNS-related services, the only service I have used to date would be their “basic” primary DNS service.

They don’t offer anything dramatically different from what you would get from most domain registrars, but it’s the little details that make the service worth it for me.

When you sign up for their service, you can enter a domain name into your control panel, and point it to five of their nameservers, which are geographically dispersed (four in the United States, one in London). This adds both to the speed as well as the reliability of their system.

Beyond that, they offer all of the standard DNS management tools, such as the ability to create Host (A), Mail (MX), Alias (CNAME), Text (TXT), and Service (SRV) records, as well as a few other features.

For most websites, there is no need to go with something like this, and the basic nameserver / dns management provided by your domain registrar and hosting provider will be more than sufficient. However, for those situations where uptime and speed are crucial, it might be worth it to consider going with Nettica, or a similar solution.

They have worked very well for several clients of mine with high-profile websites.

Nathan Malone

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