I am a PHP/MySQL programmer based in Austin, Texas, with years of experience in such technologies as PHP, MySQL, Sphinx (fulltext search database), Regular Expressions, Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Apache, and many other programming languages and software packages.

As such, I am able to provide you with high quality PHP programming, script modifications, script installations, and software debugging, both for large projects, as well as quick five-minute bug fixes.

If you need help installing, debugging, or modifying software packages, particularly ones requiring a PHP Programmer, I have experience with the following major PHP-based software packages, as well as many more not listed here:

In addition, I have worked on developing new (or modifying existing) PHP/MySQL-based websites using the following technologies (please note, this is not a complete list, just a small sampling of what I have worked on):

  • PHP’s Smarty templating system, to help separate coding cleanly from design
  • CAPTCHA support for forms, to help prevent automated spam-bot submissions
  • Login/session management, complete with email confirmation
  • PDF Generation using the FPDF library
  • Image Generation using PHP
  • Database generated pages
  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design (although I can code smaller projects non OOP, if requested)
  • RSS Generation from data in a Database via a PHP script
  • RSS/XML Parsing to a Database
  • Pagination
  • Google Maps API (I can add maps, driving directions, and many other things to your website)
  • Page Compression to reduce bandwidth consumption and increase download speed
  • Contact forms, and other web-based forms
  • Database Design and Optimization
  • Apache’s mod_rewrite, to produce “search engine friendly” urls

I also have extensive experience with Databases, mainly MySQL and Sphinx. I have worked with tables in the 30 Million record range with both of those database systems, and am very comfortable designing, optimizing, and working with both of those databases, as well as using them while programming in PHP.

To contact me regarding having me do work on your next PHP-based project, please go to the contact me page.

I look forward to working with you on your next web development project!

Nathan Malone

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